Learn How to be a Good Writer with Quotes

Quoting a quote in class is easy as long it’s only when one understands the message or thought and relates it to a particular subject. On rare occasions, a teacher will require that learners be creative enough to remember a few sentences that summarize what the quoted texts mean. It is essential to begin your introduction with a hook, which is mostly a quotation. Remember that a great hook is just the first part of the text, and the rest of the paragraphs will be structured differently based on the instructions given. The main trick with using the quotations is that they provide direction, and guide the reader till the end. When the paper is free of tangents and logic, then writing a complete sentence becomes simple;

  1. Have a short summary of the whole essay

Before starting to write down the said notes, it is sometimes useful to have some brief interactions with the professor. This helps you understand the key Points that will be helpful in the next step. The discussions in the sketch will support the idea that comes to mind once the lesson is completed.

  1. Remember to use current tense

A smart student knows that words have different

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